How I Found Out

I suppose it makes the most sense to start this blog by talking about how I came to find out my daughter has OCD. The funny thing is, it’s kinda similar to how I found out that I had it. In my case, I was 21, living in Montreal, Canada doing volunteer work and found […]

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When OCD Leads to Depression

Another hard few days. Sometimes it feels like I’m not making progress. I watch my daughter who, upon doing an exposure seems to miraculously recover, and I find myself envious. My OCD doesn’t always go away so easy. And as I’m discovering, sometimes it can take me down some dark paths. This is the second […]

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2 Steps Forward; 3 Steps Back

I’m almost three glasses of wine in. It started out easy enough. My daughter’s therapy session started out fine. She has seemed to be doing well the past few weeks and I’ve been under the impression that her OCD is on break. I think I’m learning that her insistence that she’s fine and doesn’t need […]

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OCD in the Strangest Places

OCD rears it’s ugly head in the most unexpected ways. I have to say, though I would never wish OCD on anyone – most certainly not my own daughter – it’s fascinating how much easier it is to recognize from the outside. It was Easter. Alyssa had been talking excitedly about it for a week, […]

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OCD and Meditation

“Have you tried meditating? I can’t believe how much it helps. Just 5 minutes a day is all I have to do.” My dad, who also has OCD, said this to me just over a year ago when I was going through a struggle and looking for some answers. Meditation? Really? It wasn’t the first […]

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Fighting OCD By Letting it Win

Wow. I have had a hell of a week. It’s actually been quite a while since I’ve had an OCD relapse. I’ve been medicated to various degrees for 17 years and I’ve relapsed over that time period 8-10 times. Always a big struggle. It’s been a long journey learning to manage it and understanding why […]

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OCD Doesn’t Take Vacation

One thing I’ve learned over the years about that stupid jerk we call OCD is that it doesn’t take vacation; especially not when we do. In fact, it tends to flair up for me. I took my daughter to Florida this weekend. I really hate winter and, though, they’re mild, sunny, and usually have a […]

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