How I Found Out

I suppose it makes the most sense to start this blog by talking about how I came to find out my daughter has OCD. The funny thing is, it’s kinda similar to how I found out that I had it. In my case, I was 21, living in Montreal, Canada doing volunteer work and found […]

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OCD Doesn’t Take Vacation

One thing I’ve learned over the years about that stupid jerk we call OCD is that it doesn’t take vacation; especially not when we do. In fact, it tends to flair up for me. I took my daughter to Florida this weekend. I really hate winter and, though, they’re mild, sunny, and usually have a […]

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A New OCD Therapist & OCD Grief

So we bailed on the first therapist after a couple of months. We didn’t seem to be making any progress, she seemed to think Alyssa was fine, and I was reminded how widespread the misunderstanding of OCD is. I’ve even gone to well-practiced therapists who thought I didn’t have OCD, just general anxiety – even […]

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My Daughter’s First Insomnia

Well, I’m experiencing yet another night of sleeplessness – on vacation, OF COURSE – so I suppose there’s no better time to cover my daughter’s own experience with this. I find insomnia infuriating. If I knew I wasn’t going to sleep any given night, it would be easy; I would simply stay up and accomplish […]

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Child Therapy – Our First Try

If I recall correctly, I stalled getting my daughter into therapy. I thought about doing it, but figuring out insurance coverage, finding an approved therapist, and digging through the right ones to find a good fit (because they all say they specialize in everything and most of them said, when I called, that they didn’t […]

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The OCD Battle

I call it the OCD battle because the war is never won. OCD is a series of battles – or lessons, really. Because at the end of the day, the more you fight it, the more it wins. Such was the truth the day I realized my own daughter had OCD. It was a hard […]

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